PlatoFarm NDO Plan Initial trading NFT for Digital assets Offering

Community First

Earlier this month, we shared exciting news about PlatoFarm Demo, Pre-Play-To-Earn campaign and investment agencies, which attracted many experienced supporters determined to contribute to the long-term success of PlatoFarm DAO.

Throughout the recruitment and selection process, we deliberately spread governance to individual members to ensure maximum decentralization at the beginning of the project. What we continue to do is that we are a community-focused project, and the core element is decentralization, which can only be achieved through a wide range of broadcast governance tokens.

Therefore, we are proud to announce that we will launch a vote on December 10, 2021(PST), whether to launch our first NDO, giving you the opportunity to participate in DAO governance, which we believe will be successful, extensive and of long-term significance.

Explain NDO and its Economics.

1.NDO explanation: First NFT Asset transaction issuing token.

2.Initiate Voting (the following contents are all in San Francisco time).

Voting time: Dec 10th 08:00PM — Dec 11th 08:00PM.

Voting Path: all experienced supporters and players jointly vote on whether to support PlatoFarm to broadcast 200000 PLATO tokens to individual members of the DAO community. If more than 51% of voting members support PlatoFarm NDO after 24 hours, then the NDO will be launched. Otherwise, the NDO will not be launched.

3. The explanation of nouns in “NDO”:

Trading pool: the PlatoFarm Foundation put 200000 PLATO tokens into the contract to form three trading pools of 30000 PLATO, 50000 PLATO and 120000 PLATO, which are Pool 1, Pool 2 and Pool 3, respectively.

2.5% NFT transaction tax(The transaction tax during the NDO period is half of the normal transaction tax):

In the NDO, the tax generated by NFT transactions will be fully awarded to DAO members (MARK holders, PLATO holders, community volunteers, gamers) within 72 hours.

Distribution proportion of transaction tax incentives:

60% — MARK holder (seed player).

20% — KOL (experience sharer).

20% — PLATO contributor (early PLATO holder for ecological contribution)

4. NDO process:

Start Time: Pending

All individual members trade NFT on the official website NFT-Market and mine the corresponding PLATO governance tokens through smart contracts.

Pool 1:

Trading 1 farmland NFT can mine 1 PLATO token at a time, until the mining of 30, 000 PLATO tokens is completed.

Pool 2:

Trading 1 hennery NFT can mine 3 PLATO token at a time, until the mining of 50, 000 PLATO tokens is completed.

Pool 3:

Trading 1 feed machine NFT can mine 6 PLATO token at a time, until the mining of 120, 000 PLATO tokens is completed.


1. PLATO has logged on to Butterswap for IDO, and then will log on to the tier 1 IDO platform.

2. If a NFT has been traded or transferred more than 3 times, this NFT will not be able to trigger contract mining PLATO.

3. The NFT props for sale should not be lower than the official guidance floor price.

4. Different types of NFT assets have different scenarios and returns in the P2E process. For specific strategies, please refer to the user help manual or the official website (

Preparation is the key

We look forward to and welcome you as a PlatoFarm DAO contributor. In the meantime, please study our operation and NDO. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate.

To keep up with our trip, please follow PlatoFarm on the following channels.






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