Officially Announcing the New BinapetHECO’s Team

The Russian game company “PotentialPowers” has acquired the rights to the “Binapet” HECO chain for further development, with the goal of deploying Binapet on the HECO chain. The deployment is nearly complete, and the team plans to create a new coin called “HPET” on the HECO chain, as well as an IDO and presale for the fandom.

The team has extensive expertise in developing blockchain technologies, particularly in the sectors of GameFi and NFT. “It will be another chance to promote BINAPETS to the masses since it is a unique project that could help push GAMIFY to the masses,” said Anton Fartushnyi, CEO of BinapetHECO.

PotentialPowers Technologies is a Russian-based IT company established in 2017, it is located in Saint — Petersburg engaged in providing game development, data analytics, big data, process automation, blockchain software solutions services.

About BinapetHECO

Binapet is a platform that integrates NFT games and decentralized yield farm applications. Joining Binapet not only entertains you but also generates a lot of profit. Our mission is to build a world where millions of people can participate in NFT and blockchain-based gaming in a simple and enjoyable way.

Binapet will be the first ecosystem to combine the greatest aspects of gaming and digital collectibles, transforming it into the digital creatures universe. With Binapet, Players can use their pets to fight, collect, grow, and earn money.

Binapet Game is a Play to Earn NFT RPG developed on the HECO Chain platform.


CEO Anton Fartushnyi LinkedIn

Anton is a former trader and investor, responsible for data mining and analysis. More than 5 years of experience as a software development team leader, AI/Bigdata expert and blockchain architect, with deep expertise in GameFi and DeFi systems.

CMO Vasily Gubernatorov LinkedIn

Vasily has more than 4 years of sales, business development, and marketing experience, covering start-ups, banking and corporate finance. Investing in Cryptocurrencies and Blockchain projects from 2018.

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