How to safely buy BinaPet (BPET)

In this post we are going to see how you can buy Binapet without paying high commissions. Currently, it is not listed on any exchange, but you can get it through the DEFI pancakeswap exchange. If you don’t know how, let’s see it here.

If you want to know more about this cryptocurrency, below we are going to see what Binapet is so you can learn more about this cryptocurrency before you buy it.

Where to buy Binapet

To buy Binapet, we are going to use Binance and Metamask wallet, for me it is the best option, but you can also use other wallets if you don’t use Metamask. Binance is going to be used to buy BNB and USDT or the cryptocurrency you want, to exchange it for the Binapet token. Below you can watch a step-by-step video for you to get rid of any doubts.

If you already have Binance Coin in your metamask wallet to pay for commissions, less than a dollar, you are simply going to have to go to pancakeswap, and copy the Binapet contract in order to find the token. You can find this on Coingecko by searching for Binapet or you can copy the Binance network contract just below:


With this contract, you will be able to find the token, in from to exchange it for the cryptocurrency you want in Pancakeswap. You can also add the token in metamask and be able to see the amount you have once purchased.

It is currently listed on the exchange, which you can create your account below and buy without using pancakeswap in a simpler way.

Step by step

Let’s take a closer look at how you can buy Binapet. The first thing to do is to login to Binance, if you don’t have an account you can create one here. With your account, you must make a deposit to have funds and be able to buy BNB. You can deposit funds with your credit card, to have the balance directly and without having to wait.

With your first deposit, whether it is euros, dollars or another currency, you must go to markets, and look for your currency with respect to Binance coin (BNB). In my case, EUR/BNB. Here go to the red sell button, and exchange your currency, in my case euros, for BNB. We use BNB because the commissions on the Binance network are paid with this cryptocurrency, as happens with the Ethereum network with ETH. You can also buy USDT (Tether), but you must have a small amount of BNB in your metamask wallet to pay for commissions, less than $1. 10-15$ of BNB is enough.

Once you have BNB, you must click on the cryptocurrency, and click on withdraw. Go to your metamask, and click on the address, you will see that an address is copied when you click on it. You must enter this address in Binance to withdraw your BNB from Binance to Metmask. It is very important to enter the BEP20 network, and the amount you want to withdraw. The commission is 0,80$. Confirm that everything is correct and confirm the transaction.

Open your metamask wallet, and if you have the Binance network configured, the amount of BNB you have transferred should appear in a few minutes. If you don’t have the Binance network configured, I recommend you to look up how to configure the Binance smart chain network in Metamask, in order to use it, without it, you won’t be able to buy Binapet.

With this done, we must go to pancakeswap. Here in from, we indicate BNB and to, the Binapet token. If you look for it, you will not find it. In order to use it, you must copy the address of the contract and paste it. You can search for it in coingecko to see it, or you can copy it just below:


With this, the Binapet token should appear in order to be able to exchange.

Before clicking on swap, you will have to go to the settings wheel, Slippage tolerance and make sure it is set to 0.50% to avoid swapping your cryptocurrencies with large price fluctuations. You can change it at the top right of the wheel.

If you have the slipping tolerance at 0.50%, just click on swap, confirm swap and confirm the transaction in your wallet. After a few seconds you will be able to see your Binapet in your wallet. Remember to add the token in metamask, copying the cryptocurrency contract in order to see your Binapet in your wallet. You will be able to use Binapet to play and earn money.

What is Binapet?

Binapet is a platform that integrates NFT games and decentralized performance farm applications. Joining Binapet not only entertains you but also generates many benefits.Our mission is to build a comprehensive digital monster platform that enables millions of people to participate in the world of NFT and blockchain-based games in a simple, creative and fun way.

Binapet will be the first ecosystem that will combine the greatest aspects of gaming and digital collectibles, transforming it into the universe of digital creatures. With Binapet, players will be able to use their pets to fight, collect, grow and earn money.

  The Binapet game is a Play-to-Win RPG developed on the Binance Smart Chain platform.

Binapets contracts are deployed on the Binance Smart Chain. The player will need to have a nominal amount of BNB cryptocurrency to pay transaction fees.

 He will need to have a wallet (i.e. Metamask) that can store the BNB cryptocurrency and can also store the BPET token.

 The player will have to configure his Metamask wallet to the Binance Smart Chain network.

Dragon Egg

The dragon eggs that players can buy in the item market are “Ancient Egg”, and the five-colored dragon eggs raised by dragons are called “Elemental Eggs”.

Pet dragon attributes

 Attributes of the five elements.

gold (yellow), wood (green), water (blue), fire (red), earth (brown).

Battle attributes.

“Health”, “Attack”, “Defense”, “Speed”, when life is 0, the battle fails or the player with low blood volume at the end of the round fails, and each battle is calculated directly in the chain.


Energy Consumption:

Pets will consume Energy in battle. The PK loser will lose 10 Energy points, and the winner will lose 5 Energy points. Pets cannot participate in battle when Energy is 0.

Energy supplement:

Includes two ways to recover, get Energy from the farm or use accessories to restore Energy.

The pet recovers 10 Energy points per hour (1200 blocks) when the pet is pawned on the farm, and dragons of different levels have different Energy caps.

At the same time, Energy is the basis for the proportional division of the reward pool on the farm.


Dragon eggs include ancient dragon eggs from the store, as well as player-bred dragon eggs in five tiers: common, superior, rare, legendary and epic.

The upper attribute limit of each level of dragon eggs is different. The upper limit of each level is a multiple of the common level, such as health: common 100, superior 200, rare 300, legendary 400 and epic 500.

The attributes of the hatched dragon are randomly generated from 1 to the upper limit, i.e. the legendary dragon egg has a probability of giving birth to a worse dragon than the common one.

The sum of all the attributes of the dragon (health, attack, defense, speed, energy) is a global score, and the average score is greater than the corresponding level of the dragon hatched dragon eggs of the dragon will be the same level as you, but there will be differences in the form.

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